Logo, Website, Album Design for Confusion Project

The band needed a logo and website relaunch, but also artworks and packaging design for their new album.

The Poland based jazz band had already played at several festivals and published two albums, when they asked me to relaunch their logo and website. After that they planned to record their third album called "PRIMAL", which was a concept album of 52 minutes continuous music, separated into 11 chapters for which I did the artwork, booklet and packaging design.


Assignment: Graphic-Design Logo-Design Packaging-Design Web-Design Web-Development

During the logo design process I realized there where three O‘s in the name and three musicians playing in the band. So why not play with it by separating one O into three parts and highlight them to give it an overall confusing look. Exactly what the band asked for.

The website features parallax scrolling, a smooth slideshow and everything the band asked for. Every album has it's own page with hearing examples, a calendar for events and of course a media section. www.confusionproject.pl

The concept album PRIMAL is about a man, who goes alone on a journey outside civilization and goes through several stages, eventually discovering his true nature. After developing a visual story upon the music of the album, I could instruct the band's photographer, who was with them at the recording studio, to capture the needed material to tell the story on the packaging and booklet. The cover shows a twisted world, inviting to go on this journey. When you open up the digipack, you follow the path of the wanderer, discovering his way to true nature through the 8 pages of the booklet.

Play this trailer by Radosław Mroczek while discovering the rest of the page.
Radosław Mroczek animated the album packaging for the band. Have a look.

Concert photos by Kolaczkowski photography.